An urban forest is a collection of trees that grow within a city, town, suburb or any human settlement. Over 130 million acres of America’s forests are classified as urban forests - or about 15% of the total acreage of forest land in the USA. Urban forests include urban parks, street trees, gardens, greenbelts, river corridors, nature preserves, etc.

Urban forests are dynamic ecosystems that provide critical benefits to people and wildlife (see section on Importance of Trees). They also add beauty, form, and structure to urban design. By reducing noise and providing places to recreate, urban forests promote social cohesion, spur community revitalization, and add economic value to our communities.

It is reported that the City of Davis has 13,000 street trees and 5,000 community trees; this does not include privately owned trees. The City of Davis has made its urban forest a priority as describe in its Community Forest Management Plan (2002).