::::Screen shot 2019-03-16 at 7.40.15 PM.pngThis guide is intended to raise community awareness of the many resources provided by trees. This is accomplished by presenting information on the importance of trees, the history of trees in our area, the importance of urban forests, local dedication to urban forests, goals and objectives of the Rancho Yolo tree group, tips on tree planting and care, etc.

Most important, a survey of trees in the Park provides us with a sense of their diversity. Each of the identified tree types (species) is further presented in the form of a one-page summary including photographs, interesting and fun facts, identifying characteristics, special botanical characteristics, and human uses.

Note that a glossary of technical and botanical terms has been provided. It will of special use when reading about the individual species in the Compendium of Rancho Yolo Street and Garden Trees.

What the Guide Is and What it is Not

::::IMG-2313.JPGThis guide is focused on education and increasing awareness of trees in Rancho Yolo. The premise is that by knowing more about our trees we can be better stewards of this important community resource.

It is NOT intended to provide expert advice on tree health, maintenance or similar issues. Again, by raising awareness residents with trees will be better informed when consulting with arborists, nurseries and other professionals. Additionally, the guide does not focus on the issues that arise between the residents and management with regard to responsibility for maintenance and care.

Sources of Information

A wide range of sources were consulted in the production of this document, primarily from the internet. While we provide a list of general references that were consulted as well as a list of resources, we did not provide citations for each piece of information included. Much of the information is common knowledge and we wanted this document to be read in a casual manner and not as a scientific manuscript.

Evergreen in Construction

::::IMG-2317.JPGIn this context, evergreen means that this guide will continue to grow and expand as more information is developed. This especially refers to the one-pagers on each tree type. No doubt a number of species have been left off the initial survey or incorrectly identified, and some of the facts and descriptions may be in error.