This document was developed and prepared by John Reuter, Marcia Freedman, Juanita Joy, Debbie Tucker, Morrie Kraemer and Pat Taylor.

We would like to acknowledge the residents of Rancho Yolo who help maintain such a amazing environment with an astonishing collection of vegetation, whether it be trees, shrubs, plants, flowers or lawns. Maintenance of our diverse foliage is not a simple job for our homeowners and everyone’s effort is appreciated. Rancho Yolo management also plays an important role in keeping our vegetation healthy. Mike Sullivan and Raul Mata do an extraordinary job in caring for the vegetation in the Park’s common areas, and collecting and processing vast amounts of compostable material from homeowners come rain or shine - thanks guys! John Burmester has been extremely supportive in our efforts to promote tree awareness and his involvement in making our urban forest as healthy and ecology sound as possible is appreciated.

We thank Don Shore, Redwood Barn Nursery; Greg McPherson, Tree Davis; Rob Cain, City of Davis arborist; and Lynne Nittler, Village Homes for their participation in the RY tree forum on February 7, 2019. The Forum was an important milestone in the evolution of efforts to foster tree appreciation in Rancho Yolo and provide information on tree care and management.

Richard Byron provided his graphic art expertise for the logo. Many thanks to our neighbor Don Sherman who’s photographic montage with music is inspirational. Sean Davis contributed numerous hours in preparing this document for presentation on the web.

Residents are very aware of the benefits of trees and how they make Rancho Yolo one of Davis’ “hidden gems”. Your continued interest attests to our pride of community.